Anjun Industrial Co. was established in 1971 as a sewing company specializing
in the manufacturing of knitted gloves.
The company started with the design of a PVC dotted sure grip glove intended
for safety purposes in various working/operating conditions and was the first to
manufacture these gloves in Korea.

By 1976 Anjun began growing its position as a glove supplier by exporting to Japan,
becoming one of the major sewing glove companies in Korea. This eventually lead to
the becoming of
Anjun as an international player with exports to other countries
such as the United States, England, and Germany. With the constant change and
demands of different markets,
Anjun also began to develop various different styles
and uses for the sewn glove offering a full product range servicing the fashion,
bridal, uniform, skin-care, and even semiconductor markets.

Anjun's early years were dedicated to growing its position in the distribution of
sewn gloves. Due to the success and rewards of their hard work and dedication,
in 1993 Anjun built its first factory overseas in China to increase the level of quality,
workmanship, and most of all competitive pricing.
This would enable
Anjun to expand to better meet the growth prospects and demands
of the international market.

Anjun continually strives to maintain a high level of confidence, quality, and dedication
to its customers. Their business practices and relationships have grown and remained strong.
This can be seen in their existing relationships with customers for over 25 years in Japan
and 16 years in the United States.
Due to their dedication of servicing their customers and to continually meet the growth
Anjun has also opened a branch office in the United States.

Since then, Anjun has evolved to become one of the major leading manufacturers
of the sewn glove.
Anjun is dedicated on the focus of offering exceptional quality,
excellence, knowledge, expertise, innovative products, and services to its customers.
These are the beliefs of
Anjun to better increase its value to its customers and to meet
the prospects of continued growth.





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